My name is Olga A. I am a professional in the agricultural sector, I live in the city of Bucaramanga. I am in my forties.

With COVID-19, time is valued and we have become aware of the need to return to the field and value the peasant, flora, and fauna, in the same way, that we value family. It is urgent to believe in a supreme being again, full of love for our fellow men.

We cannot continue to be oblivious to the pain and needs of our fellow citizens. All the confrontations to get what is necessary and risk health, with this epidemic we see closer to the possibility of losing what is most precious in life. Learning to take care of ourselves and our peers, holding on to our beliefs and family, valuing every second of our existence and through prayer and kindness this less terrifying quarantine will pass, we must focus on re-absorbing ourselves with the Aurora, with the sunset and with the deafening sound of silence.

COVID-19 has taught us to be more human to live strictly with what is necessary and to put aside the plastic money and return even to the customs of our ancestors, such as the barter system. Even the first authority of my municipality implemented this system to supply our farmers with basic foods such as rice, oil, and flour in exchange for products such as beans, oranges, vegetables, etc. With this pandemic, we have definitely learned to value our roots and to return to love in all its expressions, from the most basic to the most transcendental as a family is.