An Anthology of COVID-19

Hello Friends,

Almost every person in the world has had to adjust to a new way of daily life due to the coronavirus global pandemic. This change may be difficult for most of us, positive for some, or a little bit of both. But whatever the impact, we believe every one of our stories deserves to be told and heard in each person’s own words. It is this impassioned belief that inspired us to create a space where we can collectively share our stories from every corner of the globe.

An Anthology of COVID-19 is the nexus between the pandemic’s global statistics and the human stories behind the numbers. Because numbers are just that; they don’t tell the human stories of the individuals impacted by the virus. 

It is true that as we write these stories no-one yet knows what lies on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. But with enough hope, faith and strength, we have the tenacity to adjust to the new normal, however way it looks. It is also true that we are in this together, no matter our nationality, race, creed, age, gender or socioeconomic status. 

The world may have come to a halt but we will get through this difficult time. And when we do, we will forever remember these long dark days. We will shake hands again, dance and hug our friends and loved ones again. We will be stronger, together. And it is with this spirit of human kindness that we invite you to join us in collectively sharing our COVID-19 stories.

COVID-19 is our story, the story of our generation!

With Love,

Your friends at An Anthology of COVID-19
April 9, 2020


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