I got ill on March 19th after a trip to Val D’isere, with all typical symptoms; fever, terrible dry cough, hard to breathe, a dreadful headache, and stomach issues. I was in isolation for 5 weeks, then felt better and went back to work, but then had a relapse almost as bad as the first week of illness.

Another 2 weeks of isolation, where I was admitted to the Neurology in the hospital due to confusion and severe headache. All tests and scans were fine so the diagnosis was (with my bad translation) brain fatigue and irritated meninges due to COVID-19. I was told that I am not contagious anymore so now I am working part-time, but with never-ending fatigue.

Until last week I was doing ok mentally with sporadic dips to depression, but then returning up to an ok level after an hour or so. But this last week my mood constantly is very low. Will, I ever get well, get back my old self? The happy energetic and a little bit too impulsive Emma? Or is she gone forever? Will I ever start enjoying the things I like again, without a wish that I would rather be asleep? I keep telling the persons that joined the Swedish support group I started on Facebook (Vi som har/har haft corona) not to lose hope and to keep on fighting this evil virus. But right now, my own hope is running out… Day 79 today.