My story may not be so good. However, I’m trying to tell you about how crowded people in a market became infected with the coronavirus. I have to give a warning, do not assume that COVID-19 is like influenza.

My name is Maher A., 42 years old. My ancestors are from Yemen but we have to be in Indonesia since 75 years ago. I am the third generation. In my place -Praya District, there is a market named Pasar Renteng. Local governments have been trying to give warning to people about the coronavirus and how to avoid it. However, the problem is people did not care about coronavirus. Some of them say that coronavirus is a kind of conspiracy among the US, China, Israel, and others. Some of them believe, that coronavirus will infect people randomly and it depends on our God, who will be infected by the virus. I cannot believe that they are thinking like that. In my opinion, humans have to do something in order to make themselves safe.

Last August, about 120 people in Pasar Renteng have been isolated because they were infected with the coronavirus. This situation became a trending topic in discussion among people in my place. They were blaming each other. I made a decision for my family to stop traveling everywhere. Better to avoid than to cure. I also stopped working as a car driver. I prefer to stay at home with my family than working to make money. For our main food and other needs, I can stand until December. After December I will find another way how to survive.

My message for you, please always pray to our God…another message, we have to take care of each other, and of everyone around us. Thank you.