My name is Prosper, an automotive engineer. Cameroonian living in Italy. I am a married father of three children: a girl and two boys. I will share with you my own story during the pandemic because it was truly a miracle for me.

At the beginning of the rainy season, I won a contract where I had to work in Italy. This offer forced me to move to Italy. Everything was fine, a mild climate existed between me and my entourage, until the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. The brutal evolution of the disease obliged me to return to my country at the end of February. Sad to see that I already had the germs of the disease in me.

Two days after my arrival back to my country, I sank under the illness. I neglected the primary effects by wanting to be treated traditionally -things that cost my health too much. At home, there was some lamentation. I was urgently transferred to the hospital and put under oxygen. I was very close to the grave.

I was put under quarantine and well taken care of by competent caregivers. I started to recover one week after my entrance into the hospital. After one week all was well but I could not go home until they were sure that I was COVID-19 negative.

At the end of September, I returned to Italy for professional reasons. My wife and my children stayed in Garoua where my parents live. I am very thankful to all my brothers who helped me overcome this moment of distress and especially doctors.