Hello readers, I am a student colleague in Singapore. You may call me, Yanti. My full name is Mely C., 23 years old. I want to tell you a short story about the development of COVID-19 in my country, Singapore.

Singapore plans to gradually loosen quarantine or lockdown areas to break the chain of the spread of the coronavirus in the next few weeks. Activities such as home-based businesses, laundry services, and barbers were allowed to operate from May 12. Some students were also allowed to return to school in small groups starting on May 19. Some workplaces will also be allowed to be reopened gradually by considering economic interests, supply chains, and the ability to minimize the risk of transmission.

Singapore faces the deepest recession since 1955 due to restrictions on cutting the spread of the coronavirus which will last until the beginning of June and includes the closure of most workplaces and shops. We are preparing for the resumption of economic activity so that the community stays safe gradually, after the end of the limitation period in early June.

In general, life now in Singapore is full of restrictions, such as social distancing, transportation, business, and the educational process. However, I have to say thanks to our God, that situation now is not like in Italy or Tiongkok. 2 weeks ago, Our Government took an action by punishing some people who drive a car without using a mask. Police arrested them for 2 weeks.