I’m Knud, I’m Danish and I am twenty-five. I’m here to share my COVID-19 story!

I live in Odense in the south of Denmark. Compared to other cities, our city is pretty populated. At first when the coronavirus pandemic started in Denmark, most of the people didn’t wear masks and they didn’t follow the safety protocols.

I can clearly remember all the details. It was a Wednesday, and I was heading to the weekly market to buy some fish. The quarantine had started about two weeks before, and everyone had started wearing masks. I was in a queue, and I realized the person in front of me was coughing so hard his face was red and I could hear him breathing hard. I asked him if he was fine, and he said it was nothing important. He just swallowed something and bought two fish and left the store. After he left the store I saw an old woman spraying disinfectant all over the place. Then I went back home and I followed all the hygiene tips and made sure everything was clean and aseptic.

Two weeks passed. Then one morning I felt something in my throat. It was hurting. I thought it was nothing important, but the next day I had a fever too! It seemed like a simple cold, but after a while, I realized I could not smell any scents. So I visited a doctor and found out I had the coronavirus.

It didn’t last long to be honest, but I felt so much pain during the recovery period. It lasted for almost 12 days and some days I couldn’t get out of bed at all! I had a fever the whole time, but I got better after resting. All in all, I found it hard but tolerable. I’m happy that I’m not dead.