Hello, I am Navin, I am 27 years old and I work in a bank as a deputy manager. As we all are aware that due to COVID-19 almost 90% of the world was under lockdown. As I am a bank employee we are not supposed to be closed on any day, so our organization decided to let employees work on alternate days. My days were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As I am a deputy manager, our branch manager was working on other days than what I was working. I was there to play the role of branch manager on my working days. We had faced many types of customers in those days. They come with their sad face, some crying and some came to ask for loans as well but we are not supposed to sanction any loan to anyone – that was a circular from National Bank. We are not even supposed to touch anyone. But our foremost fear was that we are going to touch currency notes which have already been touched by several other hands and we don’t whether the same currency we are touching is safe or not.

These months in our country it is summer in most parts. Coincidentally, our A/C stopped working and no vendor was working in this pandemic so we have to stay without A/C wearing masks and gloves. But we feel happy on the other hand that we are one of the frontliners who are helping humans to stay safe and healthy.

This is what I felt to share with you all as we faced lots of problems but on the other hand we feel proud of helping the citizens as well. Thank you :).