Hello, my name is Juliana M. I am 26 years old. I studied international business. Really this situation of the COVID-19 for me is incredibly strange. Sometimes I talk to my mother and tell her that I think this is like a dream.

My life has changed in a certain way, perhaps not in the same way or with the same impact as many of my friends, since I have always been a very lonely person. I am not a person who is usually on the street all the time or with her friends. I have become used to having a very quiet lifestyle at home. However, I have traveled a lot to different parts of the world, but I usually do it alone. And of course, on the way, I get to meet other people. But in my hometown, Buenos Aires I don’t like to have a very active social life. And perhaps for many people, this is strange, but for me, it is simply a lifestyle and I don’t see loneliness as a bad thing.

So based on this, this COVID-19 situation has not affected my life. On the contrary, I have felt good emotionally. Because now the fact of spending so much time at home, I no longer feel as marked or as a strange person (according to many people). On the contrary, thanks to this situation I have been able to feel much better.
Just as I feel more productive, I feel that I have been able to work from home, I have been able to rethink many aspects of my life that surely without this situation I could not have done it in the same way, because now I do it without haste, I do it from the tranquility.

And in my soul part I have felt very good, I could say that more than good. I used to have a lot of emotional ups and downs, now I have been able to get to know myself more, read more, exercise, eat healthily, and all these activities have allowed me to know what I want and don’t want for my life. And that applies to both the people in my life, jobs, and thoughts.

If you ask me what the COVID-19 has left in my life, and what will surely leave me when this situation happens. I will say the same as now, and with more force. And it is wonderful self-knowledge of my being, it is self-learning, it is a proof of life that has allowed me to question myself a thousand times from my bed at dawn when I cannot fall asleep.

This may sound incredible and illogical to many people, but it is … the COVID-19 has made me a better person, and I thank the universe for allowing me to live in this generation for having had to go through this situation. And understand the importance of listening to ourselves and turning off comments from your friends, from other people, from the outside world for a moment. Because in the end true happiness only lies within you.

Thanks for allowing me this website to say what I feel. Through writing, we can say what our voice or thoughts are not capable of.