I am a pensioner, based in the city of Madrid, but I am from Colombia. I am an older adult, my name is Josefina F. With this COVID-19 pandemic I have felt more removed from my family, I am a mother of 5 children who are in different cities, the depression invaded me a few weeks ago, seeing me advocated asking for the company of one of my granddaughters.

Living the prohibition of mobility by COVID-19 to the places I used to visit, where we used to meet my neighbors and friends, nostalgia invades me as I remember those effusive moments; but due to my age, I must take care of myself to keep my health.

With the COVID-19 we have learned to value our neighbors, to pray, and praise our creator. When analyzing the national situation for the COVID-19, I am concerned about the increase in unemployment and the precarious situation of the street vendors and other people who live on their daily sales, affecting their low quality of life.

It is also sad to see how the boys cry because they cannot go out to enjoy their games with their friends ….but what strikes me the most is the coldness of many of our rulers who divert resources destined to combat COVID-19 and to help those most in need. The resources end up in personal coffers, enriching themselves in the most favored classes, under the indolence of the political class of my country.