The lockdown situation has affected me personally. Since we’re now working from home, 5% of my salary is affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I used to meet with my friends and share ideas about life, sports activities, and social life, but now we are all in different homes. The family is negatively affected because the source of income comes from doing business and now all the businesses are shutdown.

I feel demotivated, simply because my salary is affected and psychologically I really don’t know when this COVID-19 pandemic will end since there is no cure yet. The situation is way worse now, simply because everyone is just at home and most of the businesses and schools are closed, it’s really a hard survival. I hope everything will get better since there zero death reported so far in my country, and all those that were infected are recovering. This really gives me hope.

My desire after this pandemic is to focus on lifetime plans and pray to the almighty for all the blessings of life.