For me and many people I know, COVID-19 started as a joke.

It all started when my friend who is in China saying “I am really tired of being in the house we are on lockdown,” and me thinking it is something small that will fade away within weeks, comforted her with words and about God. 

Surprisingly the virus began spreading to other countries so quickly and this quickly woke me up because hundreds and thousands of people in Italy got infected and I knew definitely that this was going to be in Germany where I stay, so in my head, I was now thinking how will I survive this?

In my town slowly kindergartens, schools, and universities started to shut down why? Because there were now coronavirus patients infected but under quarantine. This became the scariest thing ever for me and it is still scary because people are dying of this. For a person who stays alone like me this really has affected me because I just have to spend the day at home which is good for my safety and health but at the same time very boring. What can one do alone? Yea Netflix, sport, music then what? Life has become more and more strange to me on its own.

In another way I got to know that I can survive on my own exactly like the I Am Legend film by Will Smith, but it is the hardest thing to be in quarantine alone, but it’s wise to make use of it buy trying new things. I remember I had a call with my aunt and I told her how bored I was and she said wear all your clothes in the closet, try them out, do your make up and keep changing so you keep yourself busy. Believe you me I did that……hahaha.

I never imagined life could be so difficult by thinking that anything you touch from the door handle and your own cellphone even could get you infected. I mean who knew that one day we are going to be scared to touch our own faces without having to disinfect our hands…

Word of advice: keep safe, sanitize, stay healthy and stay home CORONAVIRUS is real.