This pandemic has totally shown the world that we were not ready for such an extreme world disease. As we are all aware, COVID-19 made the world economy go down and made us all restructure our lives differently, to overcome this episode in many ways and all sectors both private and public.

The fact that we are not able to show real love like we used to; kisses, hugs, and smile close to each other, has tremendously affected me and as well the whole family because we are a family that likes gatherings on the weekend, have family lunch and talk about life as a whole and achievements in business and work. This virus has prevented us from this custom and only made us miss each other more.

At work, reduction may occur anytime due to the productivity and profits that are down. I am financially affected even in the small extra business I run, which helps me monthly to boost my income than just the salary. Psychologically, the lockdown was making me go crazy because I am an outgoing person, and facing this by force for the first time in my life, was terrible and a bit depressing. I could not celebrate my son’s birthday for the first time and we live in separate countries; this affected me emotionally.

Currently, to be honest, since June, our local government has allowed businesses to be open and since then, people are partying, drinking, gathering, and taking life normally like there is no virus, but there is always news about other countries’ current situation and statistics.

I would love to see my son, get business to restabilize and recover as soon as possible to employ more people because many families are suffering from the high unemployment rate.