I’m Andreas an old fisherman who lives in Ayia Napa, which is located in the South-East of Cyprus. Other fishermen and I had a small coastal market and we used to work there. The Mediterranean Sea was so generous to us. Actually, it still is, but because of recent problems – this new virus’ pandemic- we can’t go and pray as before. Also, in the last year, 2020, the government asked us to close our market because the place could spread the coronavirus among customers and even to ourselves as well. The government was right and since traveling to our country and our city was limited because of the COVID-19, our customers reduced and so we could not sell like in past.

Months passed and the economic situation of my family got into small trouble. Actually, my daughter lives in Italy and my great son has moved to Turkey, so it’s only me and my wife in Cyprus. We decided to get a loan from the bank so we could organize our financial situation. Soon after, I got infected with the coronavirus. To be honest I know what caused that; I have a friend and we usually meet once or two times a month and we drank and talked. Few days before I started feeling ill, I saw him feeling tired and his voice had changed. I asked him if he felt good or not and he coughed a few times and replied: “Yeah man, I’m good,” and we just talked and spent time together.

A week later I heard that he was infected with the coronavirus and he had passed away in just a few days. I felt so sad and worried! I prayed for him, I felt so ill and so, unfortunately, I could not take part in his funeral ceremony.

Anyways, in my two weeks of quarantine my wife took special care of, me and without her help, I’m not sure I would have survived, but thanks to her help, I’m feeling great right now. Nowadays people are getting vaccinated and people can come to my city again and enjoy their trip to Ayia Napa!