Marhaba! I’m Farid from Oman. I live with my brother and his lovely wife in Al Seeb. I own a hotel in this city and every year a huge amount of tourists come to my hotel. In detail, that is where I got COVID-19 from!

You see, it was a few weeks ago that as it happens every year, many tourists had come to my city and my hotel had no empty room. The hotel is easily accessible and it’s near many famous places in the city, including malls. I was happy but worried at the same time since the talk of this disease was everywhere and I was worried about what I would do if something unpleasant happened. I didn’t want any of my guests to be worried about their health, so we were all observing health tips and we asked our guests to follow hygiene and COVID-19 protocols as much as they could. We also asked our guests if they had any health problems or if there were any special things to be known, and we gently asked everyone if they were infected with the coronavirus.

We wanted all our guests to be safe and satisfied so we had to do that. But unfortunately, despite all of our efforts, one of our guests was sick and she was hiding it from us! Me, not knowing her situation, I was in touch with her. She and her twin daughters had a first class room reserved, so fortunately not many people were in touch with them. But still, I got COVID-19 from them. And that was how I got sick.

Honestly, it was not as bad as some have experienced. I’m just a bit tired all time and I’m not in the mood of doing anything. I can say I have kinda lost my motivation. But there’s no worry, all these problems will be solved when I get well again.

We should be careful for sure, so we can get through this pandemic safely together; it is just another hardship in our lives and it’s just a temporary state.