I’m Yanina (55) from Malloco. Originally I am from the northern side of my country, Iquique but I moved to Santiago when I was young to study production. I was married for 26 years and I divorced but never mind that, I’ll try to be short and neat with my situation with the COVID-19.

I live with my second husband close to the capital city, around 40 minutes away from the chaos of a big city. There is a lot of nature around our new house and we have been living here together for about 5 years. This is a huge house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and we have a guest house next to the pool.

Because of this contingency, I had to stop working and start worrying about the safety and cleaning of our home. We always have someone to help me, her name is Celestine and she is an awesome person and super hard-working too. She lives nearby like 20 minutes away with her husband, his mom, and her sister.

This chaos began with her mother-in-law. She has a friend who owed her some money so she went there to deliver it. She entrusted her to get inside the house and she told her after a cup of tea that she was feeling bad about her stomach. After 4 days of that, she called her and told her that she is positive with COVID-19. So her house turned into drama. She was of course nervous so she called me right away to tell me what happened.

So we offer her to do the test to see if she got it. Thankfully she turned negative and so did her family. But mysteriously we heard on the news that the woman who got sick made almost all the neighbors sick with covid except the family of Celestine.