This past year has been nothing short of something out of a horror movie, the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard on a lot of us. People lost their businesses, jobs, and families lost their loved ones.

I was no exception to this narrative, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions and mainly fear… fear of what the future might hold for me and my family. How were we going to make it through this difficult time? I remember my mom and I held midnight prayers, the situation was bad and we needed a miracle. Financially, it was hard as I no longer had a job to sustain us and thus no income was coming into our household. We were running short of food and had arrears in rent, we could not keep up at all.

As bad as our situation was, we couldn’t bring ourselves to giving up. We prayed hard and we knocked on every possible door we could, for just anyone to help us. Lo and behold, our prayers were answered! One fateful day as we were patiently waiting for a response to a financial request we made, we got more than what we asked for. What happened that day is we received a bank incontact alert from a generous giver. It was shocking to us because we didn’t expect that at all and we were able to settle our rent and all our bills. God came through for us even in the middle of a pandemic, He showed us that He is a provider and that circumstances do not limit Him.

We are still walking in that same faith, we know that even though there is a pandemic, there is also hope that goes beyond a pandemic. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a God to answer our prayers…