The COVID-19 despite being a disease and having severely hit everyone, is a new opportunity for all of us to find ourselves, with others and especially with God, because even though it has caused many deaths and many infections, it has also left us with many positive lessons in our lives. For example, it has awakened the conscience of distant people, it has also brought together families or distant people, it has decreased pollution, it has increased solidarity among people, it has taught us the art to live and love with all our intensity and not to lose the daily life, also to live one day at a time and remember that we have our greatest love at our side who is God.

I know these are difficult times for everyone and I admit that I miss going out, sharing with my family and friends, being able to hug and kiss the people I love the most, but I have taken this time to reflect on how I have acted throughout my life, to think about how I feel, and to reflect on what things I should change. I have also taken more advantage of this time to do things that I like, I have tried to share more with my parents and sisters, and I have tried to get closer to God.

Since I realized that I had stopped valuing everything that I have around myself for all the material things that really do not have an important meaning in my life. So, I consider that this virus has come into the world to open our eyes and to give me a new opportunity to truly live again.