I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador and life here has been very difficult. No one dares to get near a hospital as we see bodies wrapped in plastic stacked on top. I asked an officer why and he responded that all the morgues were filled and they have no place to store the bodies that succumbed to the virus. This got worse as the weeks went by. Police do not even get to anyone suspected of contracting the virus and crime has spiked.

My neighbor was sick a week later he died of the virus. His family tried to get him to a hospital but he was rejected and they told him to wait it out. My family and I cannot even go near his family to give our condolences for fear that we might get it as well. It hurts to know a family friend won’t be with us anymore and only wish our government can try to get more hospital equipment to help contain the spread.

The streets smell of death. Many people have died here and I can only imagine other provinces that are poor and have no access to hospitals. Our President Moreno says that they are trying their best to pick up dead bodies laid outside of neighbor’s homes. Practicing good hygiene and covering your mouth and nose is the only recommendation I give to people who have to travel outside.