My name is Eniola D., I have three kids who are doing well, I’m a nurse and a single mother. As healthcare professionals, we the nurses and doctors are the true heroes who risk everything to care for patients.¬†Ever since it was announced on national TV I feared that COVID-19 was actually in my country, little did we know what had already hit us.

It spread so fast with new cases rising every day, I won’t lie I was scared at first, but I knew there would be a cure for it someday. We all had to maintain social distancing, washing hands, and using alcohol-based sanitizers. I made my kids do this every day. It was weird to them at first but they adapted in no time.

Everyone was shut out to maintain a stay-at-home order. However, being a nurse I felt there should be a way we could aid the commission that was set up for COVID-19 affected patients, but very few of us were selected and I wasn’t among them. It was like I was relieved of duty but later on, felt good to some extent because I got to spend more time with my kids even though the virus hindered them from going to their respective schools. COVID-19 affected my kids but it afforded us more time to spend with each other. As of now, I’m back to my work as a nurse and I really enjoy administering any needed medications to patients.