My name is Sasha and we never had a television in our home until a couple of months ago. When the coronavirus alarm started, I thought it had been a good coincidence to have it at this moment. However, the reality is that the days pass and we do not turn it on.

The noise that comes out of this window to the outside disturbs us, we prefer to listen to the neighbors or at most, look out from time to time to social networks. We like to lie on the sofa, each one to his own but together with my husband. We do this without background music, all we have to do is listen to our breathing and feel the kicks of Iria, my future baby, who makes us laugh out loud. A family self-portrait that will soon change.

I usually see reflections every day on the dark screen of the turned-off television. This has taught us as a family the importance of silence, tranquility, and peace in a house. I feel privileged to have that peace in my house and even more in this pandemic. It is incredible, the family chaos that this has aroused in families by media, it is not a question of a country or a cultural issue. We were so used to the noise of the streets, in our jobs, in public transport, that we are terrified of the silence of our home, we are terrified of monotony, we are terrified of having to spend so much time with the same people. We do not like having the pleasure of doing nothing, of keeping our minds blank for a while.