I live in a wonderful place in Austria together with my husband and my daughter who is with us due to the pandemic. I am Sarah, by profession I’m a psychologist. During the pandemic, we have been more united than ever, and fortunately, the cases of COVID-19 in my region have been sporadic. The commitment of our communities has been taken with great seriousness and commitment. All safety protocols are fully followed, which is why the spread of COVID-19 has been controlled.

The work with older adults was arduous, it is not easy to change the activities in them, the confinement is chaotic, and postponing meetings with family and friends is traumatic. Fortunately, the use of technology allows recreation and virtual reunion. It is very positive, managing to dissipate the feeling of enclosure.

I am concerned about the behavior of people in other countries, the apathy for the use of face masks and other necessary tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19; I see that cases and deaths are increasing, and to top it all, it is rumored of a new outbreak, which is worrisome in this world situation.

With the pandemic, we have humanized the responsibility towards our family and our peers. Due to our responsibility, we avoided this situation from overflowing and affecting us directly; worldwide we lack a sense of responsibility and commitment, the pandemic spreads easily where disorder and indiscipline reign.