I am Elias S., male, 50 years old. I live in Lesotho, a small craft in the mountainous region of Southern Africa. Unlike men in Lesotho who are generally poorly educated and not in school, I have a master’s level of education. Since coronavirus has been spreading, to this day residents of Lesotho are ignored. For most Lesotho people, life goes on naturally, some come and go, some are born and some die.

Residents in our country also face many people with AIDS. But not published internationally. In general, our community ignores various information and news that develop. Men generally focus on working in gold mining. There is nothing special about COVID-19. If you want to say, the arrival of COVID-19 is like the sun which rises every morning and when it’s evening it sets. The current life in Lesotho has changed a little bit, with miners from outside Lesotho returning to their families. Vehicles in the city of Maseru remain as usual.

We also never know how many people are infected with COVID-19. As I explained above, your life goes on as usual. Our country is not an international concern. The sad thing for us is a country that is not considered. But that is not important, because our lives are not the concern of others. The most important thing for Lesotho is living with the situation as it is.