Since I started the state of alarm, my work as a social worker has increased by 10 percent. I haven’t really had a day off since March 14th. The days are endless with 12-hour working days many days. From our department, we have created new resources such as bringing food and pharmaceuticals to families or many people who live alone in our village. We have had to enable a telephone line so that the villagers are accompanied and able to call for any queries information or demand any good of necessity.

My physical health is fine but my emotional health is resentful as many life stories that we hear these days that make your heart hurt. I have to be strong and get up every morning eagerly and strongly to help the others who need us, that’s my profession. My colleagues and I are in the same situation so we support each other and the situation becomes bearable.

In our area, we barely have cases of COVID-19 so we feel safer but without letting our guard down. Recommendations are that people stay at home and practice good hand washing and disinfection of the surfaces and thus manage to combat this pandemic. I’m sure that together we can get out of this situation and get back to normal.

In these moments we spend more time at home, we who have two young children, we make the most of our time to enjoy their childhood and also between them their relationship becomes closer. Even our relationship is strengthened but we support each other and feel loved.

Enjoy the family you have at home with you and take great care.