Hello, it’s Mehwish J. from Pakistan and I am a Teacher.

As WHO has declared coronavirus a pandemic all over the world and directed people to stay away from public gatherings and avoid face to face communication, people are practicing work from home policy. So I also decided to utilize this time and started online learning from youtube and certain websites. I have almost completed the course of Illustrator, adobe premier, etc.

I feel like once this pandemic will end every person will be a master chef because whoever I am talking with has started cooking and I am also one of those people. This time is challenging for everyone but especially for females because their workload has increased and they don’t get to take rest.

Positively as I’ve had to stay home so I worked on my house which I didn’t have much time for before. Negatively, I’ve had to miss two trips. Plus I can’t visit friends. Luckily I’m still working, so no loss of wages as we are adapting to online tutoring the students. I started doing physical exercise because health is wealth. I also try to eat healthy food and make my immune system stronger.

My heart cries when I see that it’s not allowed for Muslims to visit Mecca and Medina. Everyone knows how important these places are for Muslims. Well, I hope this ends soon so that our holy places are open again for us to visit.
Thank you!