I didn’t have any life-changing moments during the outbreak of COVID-19 and I don’t have much to write but let me share one major negative impact of COVID-19 that weighed me down during the pandemic and through the lockdown, and then I will talk about some positive moments I had.

Before the start of the pandemic, my friends and I made plans to travel to different countries for an exotic experience with the motive of recording some amazing places and posting them on my vlog. I had invested my time and money in the trip. I recently started making videos and as a vlogger, I had benefited from sharing my experiences with a lot of people and learned about different practices in different places. It is for this reason I thought of sharing my story here, though it might not compare to the many stories that have been written here.

Anyway, after the announcement of the pandemic I was heartbroken knowing that I would disappoint my friends if I didn’t come up with anything my followers would enjoy and the worst part of it was that I wouldn’t be able to see my family. This made me lock myself in my room with no idea what to do with my life. Well, the bottom line is I was able to find something that my followers enjoyed and I provided videos discussing ways to stay safe during the pandemic. This helped many of my friends to follow the rules put forth to protect us against the virus.

After some months of lockdown, my friends and I visited a remote place in the mountains where we just had the world to ourselves and felt the struggle of the pandemic disappear. I am thankful as I have seen how precious this moment was in my life and I will never again overlook times to spend with family and friends because the world can instantly change with a snap of a finger.

I have talked with some of my friends from my channel and they have shared with me some of the things they have gone through. It is sad to see how some have suffered. I work hard to motivate and encourage my followers to remain safe during this pandemic.