Today was not a good day. During this strange parenthesis, I have tried to maintain a positive attitude, a balanced state of mind, and a realistic vision of the panorama to which this pandemic has subjected us without falling into dramatization. However, reading the news and learning about the crowded parties suspended by the police in different cities during the holiday, I only felt anger.

Partying fascinates me, I am climbing the walls wanting to see my friends and have a beastly party on the day of this disastrous chapter in yesterday’s newspaper. From there to do it under the most absolute irresponsibility at this time? Let’s not be so stupid. What piece have we not understood? Until when so much negligence, indiscipline, and indolence? Do we need the dead to be “my dead” to believe that this is serious? Why is it so difficult for us to comply with the rules that are also basic? It’s exhausting.

We complain about the damage that this damn virus is causing at all levels, but we ourselves with our bad behavior are generating an extension of the crisis. The circle of contagion is narrowing and apparently, we continue to hope that the evil does not touch our shoulders, but without taking charge of the minimum methods of prevention. Come on! We are playing with a candle; a neighbor in my building died of COVID-19 and the administrator is intubated in intensive care. Of course, I am worried, scratched, and scared. The bad vibes did not give me to work, I did not want to do anything because I was discouraged.

What is happening is an absolute delusion, a nightmare that seems to have no end as we continue to watch the dominoes fall. Tomorrow will be another day.