The pandemic affected me when I was unemployed for five months, then I found a job close to home in a small company dedicated to dehydrating fruits and vegetables. In terms of health, I have not had problems or symptoms of contagion, I live in a rural area but there is the presence of the virus. After the situation of the pandemic calms down I will look for a better job and with better remuneration.

Vaccines in my country are being applied to the elderly and medical personnel, later they will be for pregnant women and children, and finally to the population that does not represent risk (the youngest).

I have a 78-year-old granny, she suffers from hypertension and diabetes Type 2 Mellitus. She is undergoing treatment but she is well and has not been infected.  Some doctors think that she is infected by the cough she has suffered from years ago and it is because she has COPD. She also takes treatment for this condition, we do have her at home without going out because she has a higher risk of contagion. I registered her online for the vaccine and we are waiting for the day of the appointment to arrive.

I really hope that all this improves in every sense of the word -economically, socially, and public health. I know that the situation is difficult in all countries and not just mine. I also think that we are mostly good people and if not now there is a change in others. So I believe everything around us will flow in a better way.