The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of reduction in income for many Namibians, this has led to an individual’s inability or capacity to acquire basic needs and services like food, shelter, and clothing. Some can not even afford medicine and proper health care.

To a greater extent, this coronavirus has led to dismal cultural challenges, one way of contracting this virus is through contact with an infected person and surfaces. To avoid this, people are advised not to shake hands at all and maintain at least a meter distance between each other. In our African culture, shaking hands and conversing with elders at a close range depicts great respect, dignity, and discipline all of which are characterized as good manners. Now, our way of conduct has a sense of disrespect towards the elderly when one does not extend a hand and shake, a practice that has been done for decades by generations.

People have also been forced to have limited movement and stay at home, no physical interactions, gatherings, and even religious meetings which in a way violate human rights and people’s freedom although it is being done for good of everyone. It is a big challenge where God is considered the most important and church services cannot be held because of the social distancing measures disturbing our lives.

Shops have closed and also small businesses, which may not survive the damage being caused by the pandemic. This is their way of survival – selling to make an income to cater for all their needs, education for the children, it is all a disaster there is a lot of economic challenge.