I am Emmanuel, a Ugandan working in South Africa – a husband and engineer, working in the renewable energy space.
To be honest, the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic situation hit home when the numbers worsened in Italy, football, and subsequently the countrywide lock down.

COVID-19 has affected everyone globally in several ways across all sectors and walks of life. The lockdown in South Africa has been well implemented and has done a lot to make me hopeful for the future. Given the nature of our jobs, my wife and I are fortunate to work from home and make for good work buddies. This pandemic will surely change and force the digital transformation of many companies going forward and remote working will become the new norm.

On a personal level, our plans and engagements for April and March have been altered /interrupted/postponed. This period has provided us with an opportunity to re-evaluate life and priorities, look for positives and be thankful for what we have. A revised personal plan for 2020 will be needed once the lock down has been lifted, but for now, we learn about how we live and operate in such times.

Post lockdown, I look forward to the freedom of movement, implementing the lessons learned from this, and seeing what changes the environment has undergone as a result of the limited human activity.