I am Jeanne, a student at the University of Yaoundé studying plant biology. I’m not from Yaoundé, I’m here for my studies because there is no university in my locality. After the closure of our university following the pandemic, we were forced to stay at home. After spending two weeks at home, I was already tired of sitting at home doing nothing. I wanted to go out and walk around but unfortunately, it was not easy.

One day my friend called me and told me it was her friend’s birthday and that we were invited. She also told me that there will be few people at the party. That day we played games, danced and ate. After the party, we went home. Two days later, a man called to tell me that my friend had COVID-19. I was already scared and thought if she had COVID-19, it is sure that I also have the disease. But up to this point, I had no signs of COVID-19.

To be sure of my condition, I went to the hospital at the university for the test. After the screening, I was told that I had tested positive for COVID-19! This sad news made me very scared and upset. I was held in the hospital for my recovery and didn’t know what to do as I had no one to confide in. I felt very alone on my deathbed. I was crying and thought I was going to die already. I called my parents and they came to Yaoundé but the doctors would not let them come in to see me. It was really very embarrassing.

I remained in the hospital for one month and felt a little relieved when I started doing well. I took the screening test again and this time the result was negative. What immense joy for me! But until now they did not want me to go home because there was yet another place where they put people who were once sick and who are already healed. I had no choice but to stay there. After two weeks we were allowed to go home.

Tragically my friend died, she did not survive COVID-19, but it was only when I was in good health that I was told this very sad news.