My name is Partha F. and I was born in Panama. I’m a musician and I also love photography, I have always been someone who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, going to a river and swim in it, going to the beach, riding my bicycle, running, and martial arts. And all this while taking some photos or maybe composing a song or just playing something over a song. I enjoy being active all the time and sometimes I just like to sleep just a little more than usual, but basically, those were some of the things I used to do before the lockdown was declared in my country.

We are now living in a state of emergency in which many places have shutdown and people are not able to work cause of the nature of their jobs, so far our country has managed to carry on with this in an organized way and when it comes to how it has impacted me, I could probably say that it has created a space in time for me in which I can better organize myself. I started to pay attention to other details that are around me, I took my time for an online photography course and also I pay more attention to do some music at home.

Today I still remain active during the lockdown, I remain doing my daily exercises, all I have in mind is that I have to stay fit for my next hiking adventure. During lockdown I have also engaged myself in the kitchen to a whole different level, honestly, I’ve been eating better and I’m feeling stronger. I’ve been preparing some delicious meals, it makes me think I could probably run a restaurant! But anyway I have been very thankful for everything that has happened to me, I really hope that all this comes to an end soon and that at the end of the day we become better human beings so that we can always transcend difficult situations whether it’s at a personal level or a social level.

That’s what I can say about my experience. Follow the sanitary instructions to avoid the virus and I just hope for you to stay safe and take care of those close to you.