My name is Nancy R., I am a mother and I work as a chef in a restaurant. Currently, with my family, we have been in quarantine for more than two months. At first, this was a real nightmare for my children and me. Since we were not used to living together for so long. My husband, because of his work, used to stay away from home for days, even weeks. Likewise, I was only at home at night because of my work. And as for my children, they usually used to leave very early in the morning and return at night. So we only shared dinner time.

So it was not easy to adapt to this new lifestyle at first. However, after all the quarantine time we feel calmer, although I lost my job because the restaurant went bankrupt, then the contract ended. We had to limit the food expenses so that the resources last us. Although we have our savings, currently my husband has also lost his job because his work is impossible due to the pandemic. So we must take care of our savings, for example, we postponed the credit payments in order to get a more modern computer so that my children could study virtual since the means of the remote study were complex and we did not have a laptop. But little by little we have learned to adapt to changes, we continue in care to avoid contagion.

Our project is to continue quarantining by personal decision because my health is not the best, I am a person with low defenses and we are afraid of contagion from myself or my family. In the rest of the year, we hope to remain confined. And with faith, we hope to be able to subsist with our savings and the help of my husband’s family.

The biggest current fears are the impact on the economy because it can again complicate public order. After all, they will be more poverty, then fewer jobs and more crime.