I remember the time that I was a small child and I used to visit my grandparents almost every day and most of the time, I would see my grandpa’s sister as well because she used to live in my grandparents’ neighborhood. We called her aunt Sama. She was so generous and kind to all people. She gave me sweets whenever we met. Not just me, she gave candies and gifts to all my siblings and cousins as well so we all loved and adored her like an angel up from heaven.

Years passed but our connection stayed strong, whenever I had a question or I needed help with a subject, aunt Sama would be one of the first people I would ask for her ideas and considerations. Actually, she knew everything. She had read lots of books and she had a beautiful library full of different subjects as well. I used to borrow her books every week and I’d return them as soon as I would finish the book.

Aunt Sama impressed me a lot, even now after she passed away.

In early 2020, the time when COVID-19 made all of us sit in our houses and not socialize. That is when we realized that aunt Sama was struggling with an illness; something related to her heart. I got COVID-19 from her too. I recovered from the virus, and aunt Sama took medicine and the doctors had checked her health rapidly to cure her. Everything was just so normal and we all were wishing the best for her but they called us from the hospital and announced to us that she has passed away because of a heart attack.

I can remember how sad we all were. Other relatives wanted to come to our city and take part in her funeral ceremony but they couldn’t because of COVID-19. Roadways were closed so we had to have a small funeral. I sent her all my love and I prayed a lot for her but I strongly believe that she, as a wise woman and as the most complete person I’ve ever met, deserved a glorious ceremony but because of the virus we just gathered and had a very small funeral.

We wanted aunt Sama to rest in peace so we donated a significant amount of money to a charity so the positive energy of this action would reach aunt Sama in the skies. Well, there is a small part of my life that I shared with you.