I think COVID-19 is a virus that has come to remind us about important things in life that we had forgotten. It also came to show us how important we are to each other in life.

The lockdown has affected me, I used to visit people without being scared but now I can’t just roam around as I want. On a good note, it has allowed me to spend more time with my family. It has given me time to question my purpose in life, and I have so many resolutions right now that I need to achieve in life.

COVID-19 has exhausted all the savings I had made and I am drained right now. It feels like a nightmare and the fear of not knowing when all this is going to end. These days when you switch on the television, it’s all about COVID-19, and the increase in job losses is making everyone worried. Unemployment is a huge crisis for a large number of people right now and it will be a challenge to sustain families.

The situation in my city is not that bad, people seem to be coping well. Social media has managed to keep people going on in life. It has kept people closer to each other in this difficult time. I am hoping for a change in life and that one day there will be a cure for this coronavirus so that life can be back to normal – living a life without fear. I will certainly start saving big for unforeseen circumstances like this one.