I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I live in a small town called Norton in Zimbabwe. The first time I heard  about COVID-19, I said to myself what kind of flu is this that kills?, it was all puzzling. My husband and I started talking more about it as the number of infected people and deaths started to rise and this was shocking. I had been  planning for months to travel to Botswana for a potential  business opportunity and despite concern about my safety by family I left and on that very day my country had confirmed  its first five cases.

I managed to get a few things done and before all could be concluded, on the 2nd of April 2020 the lock down came into effect in Botswana, leaving all I had come for incomplete with no progress to date. Currently I am still in Botswana away from those that I love the most during what I call trying times for  the human race and a threat to our existence, who ever imagined that someday close contact, social activities, work and all the things that perhaps make the world go round, would be harmful to even attempt to  do. Others have lost their dear ones because of  it, some are battling for their lives against it, others seperated from family and friends by it and those that have recovered from it may have vivid memories of their encounter with it and its effects, and yet everday day the fear of it keeps  growing all over the world.

As a believer it has taken  away fellowship  with others, but I have not lost all Faith, Hope and Love, I know God will come through for us, this time  will pass and we will look back and say these where  dark moments of our lives. Each day i am here under lock down,  mindful of all that is happening because of this  COVID-19, uncertainty, worry, welfare, finances and the economic  instabilities affecting nations, where  do we stand? Are questions I have asked myself. All business is at a stand still for me, I just want to wake up one day soon and all this is a thing of the past.

Great acknowledgement and appreciation I have for technology, it has kept me in touch with my family  and friends during this anti-physical/social distance time.