I am Amy and I’m a consultant, which means I got a little lucky as I still get to work from home.

After more than a year of planning, I am supposed to tie the knot in a couple of weeks. But then this pandemic reached Pulaski County in mid-March and we do not know it will be until God knows when, so we had to postpone our wedding until 3 to 6 months later just to be safe. It’s sad. Yet it is quite shocking to know that some other places even just within the US have so many confirmed cases. Regardless of how few cases we have where I live, this virus has killed and is still taking lives all over the world.

We decided to postpone the wedding even though it will add some more expenses but it’s always better to stay safe not just for ourselves but for everyone’s safety too. I’m quite thankful no one in my family has the virus but living like this is quite an adjustment. One thing we’re thinking about is that how, after this pandemic, we’ll be able to live how we lived our lives before.

The new normal is that we social distance now. It’s kinda sad to know as well that we have paid so much for the wedding and it seems to me that not everyone on our guest list will be able to come due to this deadly virus in which I completely understand. I just hope that we get past this already and still praying to have all my guests be able to come.

Let’s stay home and think of everyone’s safety for now until this is over.