After months of working on many video clips, something that I really like but requires too much energy and sometimes stress, I gave myself the luxury of taking a rich vacation visiting my brother in Mexico. The whole month there, I spent part of my savings but I was calm because I had been called for a contract job since March, so everything was fine.

On the return trip the existence of the virus was already seen, they measured our temperature arriving in Chile. I went to a meeting for the new job, it started on March 23 and I already had a couple of video clips scheduled for these weeks before the start. Being March 10, it was already official that the virus was in the country.

14th of March already starting voluntary quarantine, I asked what will happen to the project. 16th of March they already confirmed that it is postponed until further notice, one of the video clips we would produce was canceled, another one we filmed but one part is pending, so the premiere would not be soon.

After boycotting all my plans, with very little money, I wonder: How can you keep a quarantine, without a contract, without insurance, without remuneration, without any protection? The precariousness of the audiovisual medium in Chile is evident. Where is the help from the government? Long gone.┬áIt seems to me that governments of third world countries don’t have respect for their own people.