I’m an Indian national that’s based in the Philippines to work as a Director of Operations in the BPO Industry.

In a little bit more than a month, I can tell that our business is almost falling to the ground. We’re trying really hard to make our employees work from their homes by providing them all the equipment they need so we can continue with the business. But it’s never easy. I personally, living right next to our office building, have never seen this business district like a ghost town. The once busy place with restaurants and bars everywhere is empty. It’s even hard to just buy food alone. Going outside makes you feel like trying to avoid any criminals and you can never sneeze or cough without someone looking at you negatively.

I now look shabby since there’s no place to have my haircut. I was in the hospital for a week since I got a fever but from a urinary tract infection. Still, it’s part of the hospital’s protocol to get tested if you have seen symptoms like fever, cough, and/or cold. I’m glad it turned out negative and I’m feeling much better. In these very trying times, we have to really be very careful and always eat healthy. I was afraid for that moment when I got sick. What about all those people who have it.