The cleaning and disinfection tasks have increased and along with them my physical fatigue, but everything is for my own well-being and that of my family.

With the COVID-19, the uncertainty of the possible contagion has us worried … my name is Aracely, I am a housewife, mother of two girls, currently minors. My husband works outside the city and his absence is notorious, waiting for the infection results to decrease and everything to return to normal.

This pandemic restricts us enormously in our freedom, since we must be subject to the peak and schedule, and to our daily routines of walks, taking our daughters to school, visits to shopping centers, weekends, etc… all this is postponed day by day and our concern is increasing. We are aware that we should not despair and this will remain as a story that our children will tell to future descendants. I must be calm so that my daughters assume this as a challenge.

For my girls, going from their face-to-face study to the computer has not been easy. In the beginning, it was a new experience, but day by day the fatigue is notorious and they already want to go out to the reunion with their teachers and friends.

This pandemic distances us from our loved ones and at the same time makes us miss them more. I want to go visit my brothers and my husband to return to our home and we miss him too much.

After this lapse that I used to write my story, I continue with the reality of our environment for the moment (I do not know how much longer), total cleaning and disinfection of all utensils, doors, windows, computers, telephones, etc. And sometimes I collaborate with the asepsis from the social area where I live.