I am an architect for years and I love my job. When COVID-19 happened, I feared that I might lose my job since constructions might be foregone, rescheduled, cancelled, or whatever. I am lucky that my country was able to lessen the effects somehow.

The business and economy are rapidly affecting professionals who are commission-based and self-employed, as well as businesses. This pandemic affected me negatively knowing that I am working for reasons that I would like to keep to myself. Hundreds and thousands of questions are running in my mind. Will I keep my job? Will I still earn? Should I venture out to another career path that will surely make me earn despite the situation? Can I go work solely online as an Architect? I am not the only one affected, not only those who are marginalized but every one of us is affected. The effect varies but it is still the same sickness that affected us.

I fear to tell my story since a lot of people might consider it insensitive because I still have some food to eat, a place to stay, and some emergency funds. I am glad there is a safe place like this where I can share my story.