I am Arman F. born a citizen of Bangladesh. Now I am going to share my lifestyle in my country due to lockdown.

On 25th March, the prime minister of Bangladesh announced a partial lockdown upon transports, educational institutions, offices and all other public spaces for 2 weeks due to the scare of COVID-19. Very soon that turned into a complete lockdown as well as connection with other countries also was turned off through airlines & water path. No longer we can be assembled in groups of more than 10 neither at outdoor nor at indoor. Total social distance has been recommended. But essentials places like vegetable markets and pharmacies remain open. If you absolutely have to step outside to soak in the sun it is recommended you must maintain distance from everyone with whom you are not already living. This puts students like me in a different situation. Some of the busiest streets in the city now run empty. From the University website to public transport, you will see alarming corona virus warning everywhere.

Be it online classes or coaching sessions for the upcoming exams. Everything begins and ends with take care of yourself, stay at home and stay safe. Day by day the amount of affected people are increasing. We are much scared whether we will be able to live or not, whether our relatives are safe or not.

I am spending time at my rural area without internet and proper facilities with which I am used to. It bores me much. But I can’t even think of going to outside. I am scared about my old parents more than me as the people of low immunity are being affected a lot. I spend my time helping my mother at household works. But it is hampering my study a lot. At this situation, we are so helpless as till now no medicine of COVID-19 has not been invented.

We don’t know when this dark time is going to be ended. What can we do, we just can pray to Almighty for saving all of us.