I live in a city in the south of Germany but I originally come from Romania. The measures taken by the German government seem to be effective (social distancing, only 2 people walks except family members, closing of shops and different non-essential businesses) and fortunately, I am healthy and well.

I have not been strongly affected by the changes until now (compared to the other stories here), but as I work in aviation, there is lingering angst that the industry will not be able to recover and my job shall not be needed anymore. Suddenly thoughts about, how can I adapt, what is currently needed in the market come.

Another small hit is the fact that I can not visit my family back in Romania. As my parents suffer from a disability and my grandma is old and getting weaker every day, I am worried that I can not fully help being so far away and not being able to fly.

On the plusses side, I am much more connected spiritually to my friends and family. I have had great deep discussions with my partner and friends which made this happen. Also, I find real joy seeing how everyone is trying to give a hand when somebody is in need.

Trying to end on a positive note, humans are so adaptable; we will find our way out and we will learn from this. We will solidify our health systems; we will build new technologies and vaccines. Unfortunately, the “what we learned phase is not yet here” we are still in the belly of the beast. But we will get there!