My name is Naemah K. I am from India. State, West Bengal, and am a college-going student.

Through this story, I’m writing my view on the impact of coronavirus in my personal life. Well, ever since this pandemic, life has changed abruptly. As a student, I always had assignments, class tests, and exams on my mind but after the lockdown, it feels like I have nothing in my mind for 1 or 2 weeks it seemed as if I have been graduated but since life has to go on our teaching faculty came up with the idea of teaching online which obviously helps us not getting distracted and forgetting that our studies have not come to an end.

This pandemic personally made me realize how unrealistic we all had become, it showed me that life is much more than college and social media. Spending quality time with family members makes one feel relaxed. As a teen, I know the craze of social media and outings but in my view, family time is also important. Not getting a chance to go for an outing or meeting friends makes everyone feel sad but at the same time getting time for oneself and family is good. Hence I would end my story by requesting each and everyone to cooperate with the government so that we are able to overcome this disease.