I am Muhammad A. and I am living in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I belong to Kuri Khuda Baksh and living in Saudi Arabia for almost 10 months now. I work as a CCTV operator here and I travel almost the whole of Saudi Arabia for this job. It is very difficult to live that far from home but still, it was fine until this pandemic happened.

Saudi Arabia is a holy place for Muslims and they visit here to perform their holy rituals. When the COVID-19 outbreak happened I was very worried because I cannot travel back home after all the flights are cancelled to my home country. When you live far from home you need enjoyment and entertainment but I could not get anything right now because everything is closed. Muslims are fasting all around the world for a month as this is the holy month of Ramadan.

This is my first Ramadan away from my family and I am not happy right now. I hope this lockdown ends soon because more than COVID-19, lockdown, and restrictions from the governments have affected our lives. My family back in my country is facing a lot of issues as they are not allowed to pray in mosques and also not go out freely. I miss my family and I hope that this coronavirus ends soon so that I could get a flight to my country. I talk to my family every day and I wish to be with them soon.

One positive impact of COVID-19 on my life is that I now know that who are the people in my life truly care about me.