Hello, my name is MD. Salman. I’m 32 years old. I am an Indian from the district of New Delhi, Delhi. Coronavirus is a disaster of disasters and I would like to share my feelings on the impact of coronavirus in my life.

I work on a daily basis with an average income. I’m also a sportsman – a professional cricketer on a serious note. I would like to say that both my earning paths are blocked all of a sudden which is a very big loss. We are all self quarantined and the lock down is not coming to an end which, to be honest, if it continues would create many problems.

It makes me worried too. Earning less money while having to spend becomes a matter of great difficulty. It always puts me into thinking of how marginalized and poor people must be tackling this situation. The government has taken necessary steps so that people do not suffer much. India is currently in the second phase of lockdown and people are already tired. It is a really difficult scenario for a working person like me. I have to keep myself engaged and save myself from lethargy. I am indeed thankful for the family time that I’m getting.

It is a very tough situation we are not able to roam about as we used to. No doubt it is for our safety still this situation is very tough to deal with.