Hi! My name is John M., but my friends call me Jakko. Before this pre-apocalyptic-pandemic happened, I usually hung out with my friends and co-workers after our shift. We would go to different cafes, restaurants, and malls just to kill boredom. I didn’t have that much time for my family, which is why I find it awkward to be with them like forever.

Then COVID-19 stole the scene, I’ve thought that the world’s going to end and it made me feel like this is the last journey we have now. The government is still on it, putting cities on lockdown, front-liners sacrificing their lives saving people’s lives, and I found myself in lockdown with my family. Hearing the news update about the situation for the last few months made me realize that whatever you do, whatever you have, in times like this, it is your family who’ll be the last people who’re going to be with you.

Spending the lockdown with my family has taken me to the next level of understanding and loving them. I wish I knew it before COVID-19 happened. Not romanticizing how COVID-19 changed us and the world but, somehow it brings unprecedented situations where you’ll be surprised with what’s going to happen.