I am known amongst my friends as the one who likes to chill and have fun. To try new things and also chase after my dreams and care for my skin. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle so I eat whatever seems healthy.

We all have plans for the future. A plan to start up something great, alongside not losing touch with my friends, I am not a fan of loneliness, I try as much as possible to not be lonely. Coming into 2020 with a vision and a goal-driven and fun-filled attitude. The year started up great without all the hassle. I kept hearing the issues of the virus from afar off. I thought it was probably a joke until I was faced with reality. The reality that has kept me hidden in my little crib. A virus that strikes the lungs and takes life away, a curse that has no cure, it was like in the movies, where we see them struggling to escape from zombies and vampires or plagues. Well, this isn’t a movie I said, this is real.

The lockdown policy was implemented with full force, I can no longer hang out with my friends as I normally would. I am not even allowed to step outside, as there’s nothing outside, other than those working with the health sectors and fighting for the earth and for us all. We’ve been told to stay indoors. My room seems so small at the moment, each day I feel like it will creep in and suffocate me.

I’m currently exhausted from staying in a particular place alone. I’m battling to keep my sanity and not lose myself. The thought of ending it all keeps coming, but I want to see my friends again. I want to be able to keep touring, handling businesses, and solving problems at work. I want to feel the whips of the air and the pleasant cooing of the sea. I miss them all, I miss the life I had before the pandemic.