Botswana has always been a free country since I was born, but now there is no more of that, because of this coronavirus now life has changed a lot, forcing a young and energetic man like me to stay at home by force, it feels like jail.

On a regular normal day, I go to work, meet with friends after and have some drinks at the beer garden, and head home. It has been over a month since COVID-19 the enemy of my life caused all this confusion, no work, social life, and money in the pocket. Fortunately, our government has provided us with food items and toiletries to help us cope with the situation, but still, I miss the time, drinks, and laughter with my friends it’s driving me crazy!

I live on part-time jobs cleaning people’s yards and so this situation is really a big problem because I do not know if I will be able to work again when people are even scared of others entering their yards and even their homes.

This lockdown is too much of a problem even if it is everywhere, I hope that this sickness will not affect our people too much so that life can go on ‘kiibatla freedom yaka’ (I want my freedom ) we can’t keep waiting for too long.