I work as a librarian, that’s my occupation. I have worked as a librarian for four-and-a-half years now. During this time I’ve worked with different types of people, it is not what I always wanted to do but it has paid the bills.

I have moved back and forth looking for a place that would hire me as a full-time worker. After I found a suitable and great place that hired me, I was over joyous, I had found a job that made it possible to work at times that were convenient for me. I was able to do other hobbies on my day off. But sad to say those days were not long-lived, because after the COVID-19 outbreak everything changed in a flash! I just hoped the ground would swallow me when I heard the words that I needed to have a leave of absence. I didn’t understand the reason but I hoped for the best.

The lockdown made it worse as I didn’t even receive any information regarding the job. I knew that at some point I would be called back to work and the money I got would cover some expenses for the bills. The sad part was that I was waiting anxiously to receive a message of how we would work after the lockdown, only to receive a message that I had to be let go. I had worked for two years and I didn’t even receive a call to explain the reason. That hurt me so badly, I lost my self-esteem.

After having a deep conversation with my conscience, I decided to approach my boss after some weeks and I am so happy I did. I was given some recommendations on where I could work and be hired even though this meant going to a far away area from my family. It was a sad choice to make but I have benefited from finding another suitable job. Life has to be easy and COVID-19 has been my worst nightmare. I wish it never happened.